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Thread: how does split stay work with dining plan?

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    If we split a stay between two resorts how does that work for the dining plan? do you have to buy one for each resort or transfer ? I dont really want to buy twice

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    From what I managed to get out of Complete Orlando, if you are wanting the dining plan then you have to have an attraction ticket to cover that time too.

    We wanted a week in one place and a week in another. That is classed as two separate reservations so we would have had to had purchased to disney park tickets for each week to get the dining plan for both weeks. We went for two weeks in the same place in the end.

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    If you stay in two places it can come under one reservation and one 14 day ultimate ticket we have done this several times for people. As long as the reservation is done at the same time. We get customer who stay off site first week then second week onsite and they just go to guest services to get their disney ticket on arrival at first park. We discount all disney hotels as well so even cheaper than dealing with disney direct!
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    Ooooo you see I didnt know that. So many travel agents each have different ways. That's good news though

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