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Thread: Is it worth doing disney online resort checkin?

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    Just thinking if its going to be worth trying to do disney's online resort check in or not. They make it sound like there's a separate faster queue but Im reading thats not always the case. Is it worth the trouble?

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    It is a separate line but it too can get crowded. If it is, you can go to any CM to check-ion because all they do is give you a packet since you already checked-in on-line. The only thing you miss is the CM interaction and if you do not like you room location, its harder to change because you check-in is already complete.

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    We always do it and it has saved us some time. The line has never been too bad. So far it has been a fair time-saver for us. If you check in at "non-traditional" times when the check in lines are thin, it might not really save you much time over standing in any line there may be.
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    Not sure when everyone else has been checking in but...

    I ONLY DO ONLINE CHECK IN. I've always been the only one in line. You can check in online up to 10 days before your visit. In the online check in process you can set preferences such as "ground floor" or "close to transportation".

    At the resort, it's a seperate queue and you get served priority over the regular check-in guests. They will have your folder of info and room keys ready to go. The whole process takes roughly less than 5 minutes.

    If you're checking in before "normal" check-in time (I usually check-in around 8:30am), they will text or call you with your room number if the room is not easy.

    I recommend trying online check-in at least once!

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    Anyone know if they'll text an international number?

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