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Thread: Happy Birthday Tink

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    The very vey happiest of days to you my love

    Just wish we could share it with you in person

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    Perhaps one day, eh Doc? Thank you!!

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    So far it's been a lovely day. The weather couldn't be more perfect, sunny, warm (80-ish) no humidity... Farmer's market was FABULOUS. Bought all sorts of wonderful things to have including artisinal cheese made by two local women.

    Am off now to poke around that bookshop I mentioned to Adrian and then to dinner for Thai.

    Have one very confused little boy who doesn't quite understand why Herself made me a lemon pie instead of a birthday cake! LOLOL.

    Thank you all so very much for caring enough to wish me happiness on this day. I'm feeling a bit doddery (Is that a word) so good wishes from dear friends make all the difference!

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    Oh wow! Just saw this...

    Happy Birthday Tink!

    Tom (... I had one of those birthday thingys once. But I forget when.)

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    Sorry to pester you on your Birthday, but we are going to want to hear all about that dinner

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    hope you have had a very happy birthday xx

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    I think I got you on FB but missed you here.

    Hope you had a fabulous day.

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    Oh thank you!

    About the dinner...

    The restaurant, Thai Garden is in Winter Garden, the old section of the restored downtown area.

    The interior is expected, heavy on the ornate Thai decor, and Asian servers (all remarkably thin and in quasi Thai dress).

    The menu was pretty extensive, but we didn't care for the non-Thai/Asian food choices for children, so ordered for Seth from the adult menu.

    We ordered for the table and had a noodle dish, a chicken dish, a pork dish... (oh the noodles had beef). We had tempura (shrimp and vegetables) for an appetizer.

    All the food was nicely prepared, and served hot. (We all know how testy old (easy there!) gets about food not being served hot)! I ordered the noodle dish "mild" so the boy would have something to eat and then neglected to adjust the "heat index" for the other dishes so they all were prepared mild. Easily corrected with the addition of the condiment tray.

    We ordered a bottle of wine that was decent enough, both in price and taste.

    Service was good, with the exception of forgetting to include the bottle of wine in the tab. Easily corrected.

    All in all, a nice experience. If we go again, I'll remember to order our entrees to be prepared at least at "hot" (probably not Thai hot).

    We didn't have dessert there... as with most Asian restaurants, dessert is not really much of an exciting choice, eh?

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