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Thread: big but light luggage options?

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    am going with thomsons this year. Have always been virgin when 2 bags or 23KG allowed. Am concerned about amount of baggage with the inevitable shopping whilst in florida.

    Anyone recommend good light, roomy hand luggage? Have upto 7kg hand luggage allowance.

    Anyone recommend any good proper hold luggage as well? 20KG

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    I use Tumi. It's expensive, but seriously, it's the last luggage you'll need for years and years and years. It wears like iron, is light and has interiors that seem to hold everything.

    I know Samsonite is another good brand, but I've only got a briefcase by them. Also, American Tourister was once considered a good brand, but I've not had anything by them.

    I do have a rolling garment bag that is great, but of course cannot remember the name. I'll try to search it and get back to you. It's not Tumi (I bought this one because it was on sale at Bloomingdale's and it was bigger than the one Tumi had on offer at the same time).

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    Delsey. That's the name of the rolling garment bag. Not quite up to Tumi standards, but really is a nice piece too.

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