This morning i got up to find the boys had been fighting in the night, lots of blood and still lots of rumbling going on :( One was a bit worse for wear and so off to the vets we went, emerged later 56 lighter with antibiotics and some ear drops for the start of an ear infection.
Now im a bit confused what to do. I had the vet telling me it was because they went into their outdoor hutch and were establishing territory and they would be fine. Then i had the nurse telling me that they shouldnt go back together cus they obviously cant get along and i would end up back at the vets again.
Last weekend was spent renovating the old big hutch so they had 2 levels with plenty of room to run and play - and even a ramp! I dont want one of them to be in the small hutch and one in a big hutch - i want them to live together! Oh, and just the one hutch to clean out would obviously be a bonus!

So, people out there with piggies - has this happened to you, and what did you do?