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    Hello, kids. Sorry it is so late but I have one humdinger of a rumor.

    Wait. I don’t actually know what a humdinger is. Nevermind. This is huge, that’s all you need to know. We’re hearing a couple of shocking rumors about Disney resorts.

    One, we’ve heard that Disney resort managers are being told that when the Art of Animation Resort opens next year late Spring/early summer 2012, Port Orleans Riverside will no longer accept groups of five. Instead, groups of five will have to book a deluxe resort or stay at one of the Animation Suites.

    Next, we’re hearing that when the Animation Suites open, the entire Polynesian Resort will be closed. That’s right, I said closed. Something about asbestos and getting rid of it. Managers have been told that Saratoga Springs and Old Key West, resorts that rarely reach capacity, will handle those guests. We’ve heard that Downtown Disney is getting a new fireworks show to make this move more attractive for Saratoga Springs visitors.

    Could it be true? I’m not exactly loving these rumors, but you have to admit they’re pretty delicious.

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    Wow. Wow! Those are some kinda rumors!

    I honestly can't imagine the outcry if Disney does shut down the Poly? Not too sure who thinks OKW rarely reaches capacity? It's often booked solid from our experience.

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    Hey Guys and Gals Chip here…
    I am please to report that that no good Anonymouse has had her computer taken away for spreading incorrect and outlandish rumors! On behalf of myself and the staff at C&C we apologize for providing you with incorrect information. She thought she had a reliable source for this rumor but like anything till Disney makes an announcement it is just a RUMOR.

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