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Thread: orlando sanford airport or orlando international?

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    We've always flown into Orlando International but what's sanford like? is it hard to get around

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    Much, much smaller. I've only flown from there once and it was a nice enough experience. Easier to maneuver because it is so much smaller. Rumor has it they are nicer there too, but I can't vouch for that.

    Not too far north of Orlando actually.

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    Much quicker than going through MCO

    It's a bit further out but you make that time up because it's quicker to get through


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    Only ever been to Sanford but it was fine! Quite quick getting through from what I remember of it The departures lounge left a bit to be desired, though.
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    Never had a reason to fly out of Sanford, but if you don't have a car it can be a very expensive transfer to WDW. DME does NOT, to the best of my knowledge, go to Sanford.

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    fantastic airport we tend to fly in and out of there very smooth transition through the airport to the car rentals and easy drive straight to the i4 (we prefer this route to the one that is suggested, the car rental guy told us this route years back and its easy peasy no roads to turn off or on and no toll roads)
    its true the departure lounge isnt great - eating and shopping limited - getting out definately quicker than MCO - of course its further away - but there are few other downsides to it

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    SANDFORD is great airport it is realy geared up for the charter flights. last year iwas on my way in less than an hour after landingalso found staff very helpfull

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    I perfer sanford, smaller and easier to get through, 50mins away from our home.
    Orlando airport is closer to our home about 25mins away.
    But because you get out of sanford quicker, it's about the same time we arrive in our home.

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    One year I had to collect some friends from Sandford who were going to spend some time at our villa with us, and it gave me a good money making idea.
    As I was waiting for our friends to arrive I was standing right opposite the main exit and I lost count of the number of Brits who were desperate to light a cigarette but very few had any means of doing so as carrying lighters/matches on board was a no no.
    Many of them asked me for a light and I thought "If I could buy some cheap lighters, I had a ready made market there and I could double the cost that I paid!"
    This time next year I could have been a millionaire!

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    Have flown into both and defintely prefer MCO. Yes it is a much larger airport but there is many more places to sit and relax before leaving for the UK.

    Last time we were at Sanford the departure lounge was full and we have to contend with kids playing football in the open spaces without any regard for others - parents were in the bar!!

    MCO every time for us!

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