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LOL stupid question? maybe hehe but heck I may as well ask

What comes in a disney resort room? do we get coffee machine teamaker? fridge? hairdryer? internet? postcards?

Does the tv have a dvd player or anything?
Quite honestly it depends on the resort. The villas, I believe, all have individual kitchens, the value resorts are just that Value. You can get a small refrigerator at extra cost (free if you need it for medical reasons). There is a hair dryer. No post cards, wired internet is available for a fee ($9.95 for 24 hours). Moderates and Deluxe's have the small refrigerator at no extra cost and small coffee pots, though I hear they aren't especially good for making tea as I hear they don't get the water hot enough. I don't remember a DVD player but then I never use one when I'm there so there could be one I don't know about.