"One Ocean" made its debut Friday, April 22, at the theme park's Shamu Stadium. It replaced the "Believe" show, which started at SeaWorld in 2006.

The tone of the new show is a notch less New Age-y than its predecessor. One segment of the 22-minute show is decidedly playful, both musically and in the whales' performances.

We see them interact with each other in ways that look a lot like the way kids interact with each other.

Guests may spot Makaio, the park's youngest whale, in action during "One Ocean." He was born in Orlando in October - He's absolutely adorable because he does not stick to script!

The whales respond to trainers' signals and to underwater tones not heard by the audience. "One Ocean" has less choreographed movement by the trainers.

Trainers are not in the tank with the whales for "One Ocean." The practice was suspended after the death of trainer Dawn Brancheau in early 2010.

The Shamu Stadium stage is still dominated by a fluke — the tail of a whale — but the structure is taller now and more colorful than the black-and-white version for "Believe." Trainer costumes are also brighter. The rotating video screens remain but with new imagery of the sea, above and below its surface.

The splash zone is bound to get even wetter with the addition of 35 fountains that line the base of the seating area. Some are choreographed to shoot water 35 feet straight up, others go in an arc over the pool for 50 feet.