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Thread: no go areas in orlando?

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    With the recent death of those two english men and other such incidents I'm wondering if there are any no go areas in orlando that we should no about?

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    There's a section of Orange Blossom Trail that you want to avoid. Full of strip joints and seedy bars and all sorts of criminal activities. The bit where the Florida Mall is ok but beyond that it gets a bit scary.

    Tink will know the rest when she comes along.

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    Yes, stay off "the trail" OBT/Orange Blossom Trail, after dark. Even the Florida Mall area is dicey any more.

    NEVER and I do mean NEVER, EVER NOT ONCE go beyond Division St. (west side of the I4 artery as it goes north and south through Orlando) to Gore or Central, or Hughey, ect.

    The new arena (AMWAY) is on that side of I4 so some people venture there. If you do keep your wits about you, know exactly where you are going, exactly where to park and march right along. Things get rougher over there every month it seems.

    Keep away from the area east of Kirkman and between 50/Colonial Drive and I4 also. It's nicknamed Crime Hills if that tells you anything. No real reason to venture there anyway.

    Downtown Orlando is ok, if you stay in the heavily trafficked parts, and park in an area that doesn't cause you to have to walk under I4.

    Hope that helps a bit.

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