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Thread: narcoosees?

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    Ive been recommended narcoosees as a restaurant which is posh enough for special occasions and from where we could see the magic kingdom fireworks? Any comments from you all on where this is and what its like please??

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    Personally (well of course it's personal! LOL. All opinions are, eh)?

    Anyway, no. I don't like Narcoosee's. Went there for a special dinner and had poor (rude, not just poor service, flat out rude) service and less than good food (not cooked properly).

    Hopefully, others will share better experiences with you.

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    I`ve always found Narcoosee`s to be a bit "hit and miss"
    Sometimes we have really enjoyed going there for dinner but at other times we have not had the best service and it can also get a tad noisy at times.
    It`s true that you do get a great view of the fireworks unless some inconsiderate folk happen to block your view by standing on the deck that surrounds the restaurant.

    That said, we do tend to go there for dinner on one night when we stay at the GF....assuming one of our friends is serving us that is.

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    yep hit and miss

    I think I've had the worst service of anywhere on Disney at Narcoosees and yet at other times, I've sat by the window having a wonderful meal, looking out across the lake and feeling like I'm in an advert for the perfect evening meal.
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    Absolutely loved Narcoossees I have to say. The setting is beautiful, the food was wonderful and the dessert was the best Ive had at WDW - the much talked about almond crusted cheesecake. You are not guaranteed a view from the window even if you get a window seat as guests are invited outside to the decking in front of the window area to view the fireworks.This is the way it has always been so its not that people are being rude - they actually are invited to stand on the decking. The only signature restaurant that has let me down so far is the Yachtsman but then it is all about personal experience on the evening itself. I should say that the service at Narcoossees on the evening we were there was expemlary.


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