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Thread: best days to go to the disney parks?

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    Can anyone help, Ive been told that there are certain days where the parks will be much quieter but the work colleague wasnt sure what days for which parks. Is this still true and if so, what days are the best worst?

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    When I was planning my Disney trip in 2008 I came across a book called "the Brits guide to Orlando". In this book they have a 'busy day guide'.
    I am unable to post the link to the website but once I have my 10 status I will post the link.
    Mon - epcot, universal studios, Islands of adventure (IofA), busch gardens,Kennedy, sea world & water parks
    Tue - Hollywood studios, busch gardens, IofA, Kennedy, sea world & water parks
    Wed - magic kingdom, epcot, busch gardens, Kennedy, universal studios
    Thur - Hollywood studios, animal kingdom, IofA, Kennedy
    Fri - magic kingdom, epcot, universal studios
    Sat - Hollywood studios (high season)
    Sun - animal kingdom

    Mon - Hollywood studios
    Tue - animal kingdom, universal studios
    Wed - animal kingdom, IofA, sea world, water parks
    Thur - epcot, busch gardens, sea world, water parks
    Fri - animal kingdom, IofA, busch gardens, Kennedy
    Sat - magic kingdom, epcot
    Sun - Hollywood studios, busch gardens, universal studios

    Mon - magic kingdom, animal kingdom
    Tue - epcot, magic kingdom
    Wed - Hollywood studios (high season)
    Thur - magic kingdom, universal studios
    Fri - Hollywood studios (high season), sea world, water parks
    Sat - animal kingdom, busch gardens, IofA, Kennedy, sea world, universal studios, water parks
    Sun - epcot, magic kingdom, IofA, Kennedy, sea world, water parks

    Hope this is useful
    Susan x

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    Honestly? Unless you know in advance what parks may be visited by which "group" you really won't know until you get there...

    There are all sorts of groups that visit, from the famed Brasilian tour groups, to HUGE family reunions, to any other large gathering you can imagine.

    We just GO! Park hoppers or APs are nice to have in the event that you want to leave a park because it is too busy.

    Mostly, you won't have too much trouble unless it is a truly huge event, or during a holiday season (and for WDW, there are many holiday seasons that bring out the guests).

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