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Thread: car hire , whats needed?

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    We're hiring a car from MCO using dollar and wondered what is needed? I only have an old style paper license, do I need anything else? any insurance or anything?

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    Buy your insurance for there in the UK it's cheaper to do it that way. Get the platinum insurance they offer or its equivalent. We had two birds simultaneously hit our windshield and they cracked it, plus a runaway shopping cart left in the parking lot had rammed into our car, leaving a deep dent/gauge in it.

    Reading the small print of the insurance they give you we would have been liable to pay for the repairs and they can charge what they like Luckily we had the top insurance or else we would have had to have coughed up. They have your credit card details so they can and will do it. Be warned.
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    You also may want to check with your credit card company. At least here in the US many of them offer rental insurance coverage as part of the card. Also here in the US our regular auto insurance companies often include rental coverage.

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    Make sure you register with Dollar express so that you don't have to queue up at the airport - it will save you lots of time.

    Go through the Dollar website to register


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