We just got back from a four day trip yesterday. The parks were a little crowded over the Mother's Day weekend but once Monday came around......<<crickets>>

We went into Typhoon Lagoon on Monday morning a little after 10am and stayed till almost 2pm. There were still plenty of chairs and the only lines over 5 minutes were for Crush n Gusher and the family raft which were 20-30 minutes which still is not bad at all.

Monday night the Magic Kingdom was open until 2am and again, most rides outside of Fantasyland were less than 20 minute waits.

Tuesday was the biggest surprise at DHS. We got into the park at around 11:30am and only waited 35 minutes for Toy Story Mania which is at least always 60 minutes without a FP. At around 3:40pm my wife wanted to see Beauty and the Beast so I went over to Tower. I walked right into the library without a wait and then only about 5 minutes in the boiler room. I then headed over to RnRC and waited maybe 15 minutes. I still had time to kill before Beauty was over so went back to Tower and walked right into the elevator without ANY wait!! I did all three rides within 35 minutes time. AMAZING!!

I also had never seen 50's Prime Time so empty. You usually can't even walk around the bar/living room area and there was maybe 10 people in there.

I was in shock.