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Thread: what happens when the parks open?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Isafari, post: 252153
    I have the opening ceremony on video for the Magic Kingdom - I'll try and get it online soon
    ooo yes excellent
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    I was just at AK a couple weeks ago. Mickey, Minnie, Donald & Pluto were on a safari bus and there was cute jungle music. I can't remember what their saying was. Have a "wild" time or something like that. It was cute.

    At Epcot, there is a countdown from 10 in the middle of Innoventions (in front of the big fountain) before they open up the East & West sides. In The Land, CM's from the cafeteria downstairs greet people that are making a beeline to Soarin'. LOL! In World Showcase (at 11am) at the Mexico pavilion CM's do a countdown from cinco and there is a mariachi band that plays.

    I was at DHS for a Star Wars weekend last year and when they opened there was a Star Wars skit that went on (I couldn't see it). But, when I got up to the turnstiles to get in, Storm Troopers and Boba Fett were walking on top of the canopy and making fun of the "human" guests that walked below them. It was pretty funny.

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