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Thread: airlines suggest separate area on plane for kids

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    Quote Originally Posted by lozzy, post: 251985
    Not sure about this one as I have 2 children 14 and 9, both are well travelled children and never cause any problems, I kind of feel that's it's a little unfair that just because I travel with children I have to be in an area with other families, some of which have the children from hell.

    I agree lozzy

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    Hmmm, tricky one.
    My children were superbly well behaved and I wouldn't have wanted to have been forced to sit amongst other families if we didn't want to.
    We go PE now and we haven't been bothered by children, apart from crying babies but that's not too bad.

    Quote Originally Posted by britchick, post: 251867
    I would think that adults could be as annoying too, especially people wanting to make the most of the free alcohol
    My thoughts exactly.

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    I've been more annoyed by adults on planes than children.

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