Most of you know that after 6 long years , Patrick & Kim are getting married August 30th . The day they met, the day they got engaged and now their wedding day .
I'm so happy for them, know the word is esctactic .
Sunday was Kim's bridal shower given by her mother & sister . Her sister is the maid of honor , her brother is the ring bearer . Its a very small family wedding party, but a huge reception . The way it should be .
It started out with the kids paying for a picnic style reception since that is what they could afford with beer & soda .
The reception coutesy of Kims parents & Jim and I ... is now a sit down country style dinner with open bar . They rather have a bigger reception than a rehearsal party .
The pastor that married Jim & I are marrying the kids . Also, my mother's lomg time pastor & friend .
They are getting married outside at the gazebo . Please , pray we don't get rain . The ceremony is 5 PM and the reception is 6:00 - 11:00 . Any of my friends here that can make it are invited . Come party with me !
Her sister is wearing clover green, Kim's mom is in royal blue and this is my gown .

30 days to go and counting WooHoo I'm Doing The Countdown Dance, Join Me ! :207: