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well if you cant find any payments with anyone from likely sources that you would pay it with, then maybe you arent insured after all. but its weird how you could have got tax without insurance online as it tells you if your not. hunt out your logbook maybe your papers are with that

when you renew i always get quotes from gocompare and confused for the kids and they ALWAYS give the best prices :)
logbook and insurance papers are together...somewhere! Just can't find them right now!

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GoCompare were good for me last year but not this year. I got the best deal from Churchill. Don't forget to try the ones that are not on the compare sites. Churchill is not on a compare site but had the better deal for me this time around??????
Wonder if we're Churchill now?

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Just a thought, Mairead. Your old log book would have gone with your old car, did you sell the other one?

If you taxed your car online they definitely would have checked that you were insured.
You really need to find your insurance certificate in case you are asked to produce it.

This website might be a help:
No I'm still driving the old one, and defo insured as I wouldn't have been able to renew the tax online. Hubby is back to work tomorrow so will see if he can get his Sergeant to check the data maybe, they're not really supposed to unless it's for a valid reason (stop checks, etc.) but he may do it you never know!

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just had a thought. the police can check if your insured or not, so why not see if they can tell you who with. just a thought and worth a shot
Yeah, see answer above....hope they can shed light on it!