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Thread: I got a new gadget for my Macbook...

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    I have to say whilst the technology in this thing is great I too don't 'get' it I much prefer a mouse or my macbook trackpad
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    I got one when they first came out as i thought it would help with my carpuntunnel. It actually made my wrists hurt so i took it back. Will stick with my trusty mouse

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    Back to my Magic Mouse. At least for the time being.

    BTW - If you have a Magic Mouse (or even use a Trackpad) on your Mac, you need a copy of MagicPrefs. This is a free download that provides a new System Preferences pane that let's you set all kinds of taps, gestures, and swipes for your mouse. Way more stuff than Apple provides. Additionally, you can configure it so that it's always in the menu bar and even has a battery indicator that it can put up there so you always know how much battery is left.

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