.......... for a friend's son and his fiancée who live in Bournemouth. We've been friends since before he was even born and they called him Christopher after Chris :D my Chris was so proud

I wasn't expecting to be asked as I don't really make many cakes anymore, but I was really honoured when Chris phoned me and said "Auntie Wendy will you make my wedding cake" I blubbed yes and then had the phone taken away from me

We're going to go and see them in the summer and hopefully she will have some ideas what she wants, after all it's up to us girls to choose isn't it :) I will take up my photos of others I have made so she can see them as well.

I'm already panicking about how I will transport it up there in one piece and said we will have to travel at night if it's warm

All I've got to hope now is that my hands don't get any worse as making the flowers will be difficult. Once I know the colours and/or if she wants flowers and what type, I might start making them.

I'm really excited