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see me too! but Christmas day was just like any other in MK. I dont know what I expected but just yah know :/

Perhaps I just didn't engage enough with the place on that day, didn't go and see all the shows and so on.

I just had a different image in my mind of how it would be

I thought the same, it wasn't what I expected at all. I didn't even find it very christmassy before Christmas Day It probably didn't help that 2 days before Christmas I was really ill though.

We'd been before, about 7 years earlier at the beginning of December and it was lovely, Christmas songs everywhere we went, people seemed happy - it was just lovely. The Parks seemed to be nicer then than they were when we were actually there for Christmas

I think if we go again, I would have a tree and decorations and probably go to a nice restaurant out of Disney for dinner and then go to Epcot in the evening.

I've heard that Epcot on NYE is manic but I should imagine that celebrating the NY in each country is good fun