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Thread: grand floridian or polynesian

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    Hi if you had a choice between the grand floridian and the polynesian, which would you choose for a really special holiday and why??

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    Now these are good options!

    While I love the look of the GF, I would go for the Poly, just for the feel of the place. And I know the following is not true, but I just feel like I'm never dressed up enough for GF.

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    I am a little biased toward the Poly so that would be my choice. I always feel like I am in a totally different place when staying there. The music, the torches.....just everything about that resorts oozes tropical vacation with the perk of it being on Disney property.

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    Well, I'm going to be different again the one and only time I have stayed on Disney property was at the Poly. Yes it is lovely, we had a brilliant view and the room was large and nicely decorated and I'd always wanted to stay there BUT it was so noisy More in the public areas and restaurants than the room, although we did have a bit of noise. I know Disney is for children but when you have lots of them all hyper because they are going to have breakfast or dinner with Lilo and Stitch..................well need I say no more

    If you have children then, yes it is probably the best play to stay.

    If it is just the two of you or you have teenagers then I would go for the Grand Floridian. It is oldie worldie and it has so much more character and it's quieter I know it's not everyone's cup of tea, but to me when we've been there it feels more like an upscale hotel and not so hectic. They have 1900 Park Fare but it's still not as noisy as the Poly.

    As I've said I've never stayed there, but if I do ever decide to stay at Disney again then this is where I would go.

    Slowhand is an absolute genius when it comes to the GF so I'm sure he will be able to tell you a lot more than I can

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    Yep, as Wendy said the GF is our favourite on-site resort & we always stay there for a few days during every trip [thanks to our DVC points] and despite the fact that we spend most of the time in our villa over there.

    The Poly gets a lot of good reviews on here but somehow the place seems a bit dark and oppressive to me [just my opinion].
    We went to O`Hanas for dinner with some friends a while back and it was like bedlam....very crowded and with loads of kids running amok.
    We couldn`t wait to get back to the GF for some peace & quiet!

    I`ve often heard it said that the GF is "posh & stuffy", although many of these comments come from folk who have never even stayed there.
    I`ve always found the place to be just the opposite, and we have made some good friends with several of the CM`s who work there and who even remember our names when we re-visit, which really makes us feel at home the minute we arrive.

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    I would choose the GF too - The Poly is nice but it's a bit dark and steamy for me! I love the immaculate feel the GF has, I also love that it feels like an upscale hotel but without the dress code (apart from a couple of the restaurants) or the stuffiness - suits me down to the ground!


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    Another vote for the GF over the Polynesian. Have stayed at the Poly (concierge level) and was pretty underwhelmed. The place is noisy, old, and kind of shabby and then there is the "no hot tub" factor!

    For a special stay, it would be the GF (well, actually for us it would be the Beach Club, but that's not one of your choices)! LOL.

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