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Gee Keith, you are a fussy blighter. lol How have you got to this stage of your life without veg and salads?
Certainly don't recommend it and when I was very very very very young they used to try and get me to eat them. I remember in school having doctors try their best but in the end I was just sick all the time so they ended up giving up. VERY VERY VERY rarely I'll smell a salad and have a feeling like I need to eat it but then I feel sick if I try so :/

I would love to do V&A. I have read loads of reviews today of the restaurant and everyone who did a review seemed to love the place. I can but dream.........
I've had better food in better restaurants over the years, I should own up to that but so far in the Orlando area, and DEFINITELY in the Disney area, it stands on its own in my experience as being by far the best.

It's better now they don't play games either. The servers used to insist on being called Victoria and Albert.

I really felt it was an unjustified silliness not worthy of the place so it's a lot nicer now they're actual people with actual proper names.

It's a complete oasis really with a very different feel to any other dining on site.