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Thread: best navigation gps for orlando and disney?

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    Hiya so we need a new navigation gps system and were thinking to get one that'll work in orlando and disneyworld. The main ones seem to be tomtom or garmin, does anyone have these? which one works great out there please?

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    I have always bought garmin, and have found them to be reliable. Just an fyi, but I like the ones with the street names that are spoken, instead of the version where they say, "turn in 500 feet." Most have those nowadays.

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    we've always had tom tom over here in the UK but I've no idea if it'd work over there

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    We've got a Garmin Nuvi which is a few years old now. It came with Europe and North America Maps so we bought the lifetime update for maps, which I think cost something like 99. It means we can update the maps as often as we like, and there are revisions sometimes twice a year, It's well worth the money

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