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Thread: Parking at Universal?

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    Last time we tried universal citywalk it was a nightmare walk to and from the car and I mean a nightmare. It was miles of walking

    Does the valet parking or preferred parking make a huge difference and is it expensive please?

    Any hints on parking to avoid the long long walk

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    We've done the valet parking before at universal and love it. If I remember rightly you take you car to the valet section go up some escalators and you are pretty much at the beginning of city walk. The universal site says it's $25 for over 2 hours parking. It's a nice bit of luxury if you can afford it.

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    The best parking is the disabled spots, but if you don't have a disability then the next best on the same level and near to the walkways is the prefered parking which you pay extra for. I ASSUME you pay at the entrance booth as the Joe Public entrance is where we drove through to get the disability spots.

    Getting there early gets you nearer too. We got there at 6am one morning (for Harry Potter) and we still weren't first! And yep the car park was open at that time.
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