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I believe they were subsumed by Delta.
Actually John, I don't believe they were.

Eastern declared bankruptcy in 1989 and shut down operations in 1991. Up till that time, various pieces were sold off in an attempt to stave off the inevitable. For example, the Eastern Shuttle service was sold to Donald Trump. For the most part however, the assets were just sold off and the creditors paid. The name was sold to the Airline Acquisition Corp and it was going to try to resurrect the brand. So far, that hasn't happened.

But I still remember them fondly. Especially, the "If you had Wings" ride in Tomorrowland.

I worked as a vendor with an OEM in Miami on their reservation system for a number of years.

Just to try to stay on topic on this, my favorite Disney commercial is that last one. That dad's just like me when we're going!

Tom (... sorry. Got off topic a bit.)