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Thread: 5 days until we leave for our first trip to Orlando!! Getting nervous.. help!

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    Hello all

    My husband and our four children (13, 10, 3 and 4 months... ) are very excited about our trip to Orlando on Saturday.

    I have organised as much as I can do yet now find lots of the finer details troubling me... I really want to make this a trip of a lifetime for our children as they have had a tough year.

    Could anyone help me with the following:-

    * our park tickets all have spaces for signatures and talk about needing id... what does this look like? Do we need to take our passports with us each day?

    * it is Memorial day on Monday 30th May... does this mean that all the parks will be heaving as thinking it is like a BH over here?

    ANY tips/hints would be gratefully received by a slightly overwhelmed Mummy desperate to make sure she can give her family the holiday they deserve

    Thanks for reading


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    hey there and welcome to Disney Secrets Have you got much planned for when you're there?? it should be a BRILLIANT trip

    Feel free to ask anything and everything

    1. ticket IDs.. they're really not manic about this and it's not like everytime you use your ticket they'll ask for ID but they may the first time and it's good to be prepared as in Orlando, everyone seems to want to see photo ID when you use a card or whatever. Some people carry photocopies of their passports around, others use their photo driving license which seems to be the best solution to be honest. Of course you could carry the passport but then you'll worry about losing them.

    2. Memorial weekend is pretty busy yeah. I've never found it to be as totally mad as everyone says but yeah, long lines and lots of people. I'd especially avoid the magic kingdom if you could. If not and you have things already planned, you know what? Just go with the flow as long as you don't get stressed trying to do too much, it's all possible
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    Hi crowley6!

    I can't help with up to date info as it's been too long since i was there, but I know how you feel about wanting to give your children the best time ever. It can get a bit stressy if you can't do everything you want when you want, so I agree with the advice to go with the flow.

    i remember we carried our passports with us, but they were made safe and secure within the bags we carried so weren't too worried about losing them. The only time we were ever asked to produce them was on the very last day when we purchased a toy at a retail park!

    IF you have the time over the next couple of days (as if!) why not post your itinerary here so we can have a nose at what you'll be up to!

    Have a fabulous trip!

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    Thanks both!!

    Sorry for delay in the thanks but the ash cloud had me in a tizz... fingers crossed it won't be heading back on Saturday!!


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    So where ya going and where ya staying? Any special meals planned?

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    FIrst take a deep breath. then do it again and again and again. Be ready first for the heat or rather humidity. You are about to enter what used to be a swamp and now has pavement and concrete all over. Think water. Simple things to be prepared for is...

    1. be ready to scrap you plans. you never know what you may run into. so be flexible and always have a plan B.

    2. learn the fast pass system and use it. Ask a cast member to explain how it works and how to work it best. Remeber The system works best when you think of the next ride/attraction you want to jump on.


    4. If you don't take a break in the middle of the day...try to carry a spare fresh pair of socks to change into. Heard this a while back and it can re-energize your feet.

    5. MOST IMPORTANTLY - have fun. I have heard kids screaming and crying along with the parents crying and screaming at the kids in 11 different languages. So just keeping saying "It's Disney...the happiest place on Earth".
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    Hope you had a safe journey - who knows, right at this moment you could be at the Magic Kingdom!!!

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