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Thread: Crystal palace or liberty tree tavern

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    choices choices

    which is the better of the two crystal palace or liberty tree tavern? I know there are characters at CP but not at LTT ? I think maybe?

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    I'm not interested in ever attending a character meal so I can't speak to CP.

    However, I really enjoyed LTT. Ate lunch there a few months ago. No characters but the food was great (compared to other dining places around WDW). If you go, get the pot roast or the turkey dinner!

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    I've only been to Crystal Palace, it was brilliant the first time we went, good interaction with Pooh and friends for the girls, we had a really good time.

    The second time we went the service was terrible, the food wasn't very warm, the characters were not really interested, they seemed to be just doing what was expected, nothing special like before. Chris was also really bad with food poisoning, so needless to say, for us, there won't be a third time.

    Other's have had a brilliant time and not experienced bad service, so don't let me put you off

    Liberty Tree Tavern, we have never tried, it doesn't appeal to Chris

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    Liberty Tree Tavern used to have characters and IMHO it was one of THE BEST places to get character interaction. It is a shame that they don't have them any more. We have taken to CP only when we can't find anything else to do. Have had great character interaction each time we have gone however, food is mediocre at best. LTT has two different menus. The lunch menu has more choices. The dinner menu is set and served family style.

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    We like both. But Liberty Tree is a sentimental favorite and we try to eat there each time we visit. We were just there earlier this month and lunch was excellent - try the Colony Salad! It is a cute restaurant and we have always found the service to be terrific. The foyer was jammed with folks in early May and the wait was over an hour; luckily, we had ADRs and were taken on time.

    The CP is a lot of fun if you enjoy the characters. We have only tried lunch there - on several occasions - and sometimes it is better than others with regard to variety and service.
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    I have had dinner at both places. LTT was worth it when they had characters, but the food was only so so. Crystal Palace was great the first trip and okay our second time there. I would suggest CP only because there are so many more choices of food. At LTT you are stuck with the family style if you have dinner there.

    CP can be pretty chaotic, so if you don't care about characters that could be a deciding factor. For me, I would pick CP simply due to the choices available.

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    Never been to LTT

    As for CP... Tatiana loved the character interaction... aside from that I found the service super rushed, the food was totally blah! (worst of all the breakfast buffets) and the wait time horrendous even with an ADR

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    I have eaten at both places many times. If food is the deciding factor then in my opinion Liberty Tree wins. Crystal Palace is a buffet and after a long day in the park the last thing I want to do is to get on line to get my own food. Like other posters have said the character interaction at Crystal Palace is good. When my kids were smaller we would go to Crystal Palace just for the photos with Pooh and Tigger. We ate at Liberty Tree in Sept and it was great, however we waited about 45 minutes past our ADR time to be seated.

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