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Thread: New bar open at Disneyland Hotel

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    Workers outside Trader Sam's Tiki Bar on Wednesday afternoon were putting the finishing touches on the tiki torches outside the bar, located in the Disneyland Hotel.

    Inside the island-themed bar, business was brisk for its first day of service. The bar is a cross between the Enchanted Tiki Room and the Jungle Cruise from Disneyland next door.

    Upon entering, guests are greeted by bartenders yelling "Aloha!" If guests stand in the doorway too long, the bartenders yell "Shut the door!"

    The preface to the bar's menu is a note from "Skip," the fictional founder of the Jungle Cruise Navigational Company. The decor of the bar has many elements from both Adventureland attractions, including totem poles and "artifacts" from the Jungle Cruise.

    Features inside include barstools that sink down and raise up at the bartender's command to make a patron appear inebriated and lights and sounds shows that simulate a shipwreck or a volcano eruption.

    Next door, the Tangaroa Terrace restaurant also opened. The "casual island dining" restaurant is a cafeteria-style establishment.

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