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Thread: Disney holiday traditions?

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    Im curious what people always do when there. We have to go to magic kingdom first then we always get a christmas decoration before we go home

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    I always have to buy a new pair of Disney ear rings, but I do that with every vacation, have them from Mexico, Wales etc.

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    SW always seems to be our first park, for disney always MK, as that IS disney for me

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    When staying at OKW we always start our vacation off with a Bud and lime at the Gurgling Suitcase. It's the only time I drink a Bud!

    When staying at other WDW resorts we kick off the stay by having a browse around the resort and then finding a place to have a "WE'RE ON VACATION!!" celebratory drink. Then off we go to whatever it is we are going to do first.

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