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Thread: When can we book wishes or illuminations cruises?

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    When can we book wishes or illuminations cruises? Which one is better ??? Is it really worth the money and I hear the hassle to book ?

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    I'm pretty sure it's 180 days in advance to book the speciality cruises.

    I've been tempted to book the Wishes cruise in the past but admit the price puts me off - especially when I can view Wishes from the park.

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    We haven't done an illuminations cruise but we have done the wishes cruise. We were lucky enough to be with a group on Grand 1, it was magical in it's own way The music is piped onto the boat and it harbours up facing the MK so you can see the fireworks. It feels like you are the only people out there until you look both sides. The good thing with Grand 1 is that none of the other boats are allowed to be in front of you but it is very expensive to book Grand 1.

    One thing to be careful with is that not all the firework cruises have the music piped on board, so be careful when booking. I think it's the basic pontoon boat that doesn't but I'm not completely sure.

    You can book this from 180 days out on on 407-939-7529

    One other thing to add to your costs is that it is customary to give the captain a gratuity.

    You also get to see the Electrical Water Pageant up close

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    I've been lucky enough to do both a few times with Disney groups Im not sure I'd pay to do it on our own :/ hmmmm

    Anyway, it is good although as ever, I think the best view of wishes is standing in main street not on a boat or anywhere else BUT it's a different experience and a great one at that.

    I felt the illuminations of earth lent itself to the cruise experience a little better than wishes because it was right there and so close but Wishes felt a little more "we're out here on our own"

    I'd definitely do them both again but money would be a consideration. They don't feel like they last long
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