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Thread: Do you have a good printer?

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    What do you have and would you recommend it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jojo, post: 253558
    What do you have and would you recommend it?
    Kinda depends on what you want it for and what you intend to print. Are you printing lots of text? Or is it mostly pictures? How fast do you need it to be? Network attached? Wireless maybe? Or is a single USB connection good enough? Finally, depending on the type, the cost of supplies may be significant. For ink jet type printers, the cost of ink cartridges can be substantial if you print a lot of pictures.

    Now, having completely bored you with a bunch of geeky stuff, back to the question. We've got the following printers in our domicile:
    • older Canon i560 ink jet
    • older Epson Stylus R200 ink jet
    • HP Laserjet 3055 MFP (printer, scanner, and fax)

    Would I recommend them? Well, since you can't get either of our ink jets anymore, that seems a mute point. Some of the newer Canons and Epson are spectacular but you need to evaluate each individual model you've got your eye on. Some printers is more equal than other printers.

    The HP MFP we've got serves admirably for a multifunction device. Although I believe it too has been replaced by a newer model. That whole family of devices from HP seem to be built like tanks. If that's the kind of device you're looking for, I'd certainly recommend HP.

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    ive got and older HP 970cxi professional deskjet cost me 200 5yrs ago or more and love it still beats some of todays colour ink printers.
    also a HP 1080 laserjet

    would recommend both if both were still sold

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    We always have Canon Inkjet printers as DH likes to print photos and he's as fussy as Keith

    At the moment we had to buy one quickly as our old one broke and I had a lot of printing to do. We've got the Canon Pixma IP4850, but don't buy this one It's not expensive to buy, but the ink is a silly price and it's not pure enough photo quality for my DH

    It prints text fine, but if you want it just for text then I don't think you can go wrong with a laser printer.

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