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Thread: Much to do at Celebration?

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    and how do we get there without a car ? is it a long way to take a cab? How long could you spend there? Are there any nice restaurants , sorry about all the questions but youre all so helpful

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    Don't apologize! That's what we are here for.

    If you take a cab, do so from DTD as it will be a bit cheaper.

    It's really nothing more than a little village style place. There are some shops, and some restaurants. You could maybe spend half a day there?

    During Christmas time they have special events ("snow" etc.).

    Personally, I find the whole place a little stiff and eerie so it's not my favorite place to be. I will go over there when they have their car show though. Ferraris and the like!

    If you haven't anything else to do at all, take the time for a visit, but otherwise, I'd not rush over.

    Remember though! It's just my opinion and other folks will surely have different ones!

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    I agree with Tink on this one.
    We looked at Celebration when we were considering buying a house over there but two things put us off. Firstly you have to live there for a minimum of 7 months a year in order to discourage rentals, and more importantly the whole place seemed like a film set.
    OK it`s a clean and tidy community but it somehow seems very surreal.
    Having said that my DW and I tend to visit each time we are in day is more than enough order to have a look in the shops and have dinner there. The Columbian Restaurant is where we normally end up and it is recommended.
    It really is a nice place to visit in the festive season to see the "snow" which falls in Market Street along with the carol singers and decorations etc.etc..

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    Yes, now that you mention it Slowhand I do have to say the Columbian (original in Tampa) is a great place to have a meal.

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    We spent half a day there and that was enough. I would however, be happy to go back each visit but only for that half day.
    We had a walk around the lake and a look in some of the shops. Had a snack at Sherlock's which is owned by a British couple and DH had a play with the fountains :rolleyes008:

    I have a video of our time below.

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