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Thread: halloween party cancelled on 3rd october?

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    this is posted on behalfg of a friend whos too shy to post yet

    They booked this months ago and have heard its now cancelled! ive told them to call disney but has anyone else heard of this? does it happen often because I want to book pirate and princess party for next year

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    Unless they heard that it was cancelled from an official source, I'd not start to panic yet. I'm sure there have been instances when one of the scheduled parties has been canceled, but it's not something that happens often.

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    I read on all-ears that it had been cancelled, but I am sure Disney will make it right with them, extra special treatment on a different night.

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    This is indeed sadly true... Disney are contacting folks booked on that evening to rearrange for them.

    There are rumours of a Disney press event in MK on that night, possibly even announcing the new DVC at the contemporary.
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    Well this is too bad for your friend

    Disney will make it right need to panic!

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    Awww. That's too bad. But surely, it's not a regular thing; to cancel the special events.

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