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    Oh thank you for all your kind words!

    We are staying in Coronado Springs for 8 days.

    We are going to keep it a secret because we have an elf, Beatrice (i.e. Elf on a Shelf) that comes to visit - she plays pranks and leaves little treats for about a month. Beatrice has been hugely instrumental in keeping my younger daughter's behavior in check while also encouraging her to "Believe" a little longer. Anyway, Beatrice is setting a scavenger hunt for both girls to participate in using Disney quotes and our Vinylmations that we have collected from our local Disney store. My older daughter assists with Beatrice's hijinx and nonsense, but for this particular idea, she's going to be just as in the dark as her little sister....and THAT is almost my most favorite part.
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    Hi and welcome to Secrets

    What a lovely way to surprise your children Keeping it secret is really hard, I'd be bursting to tell them, especially if I'd just booked something

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    Oh my - it is so so Soooooo hard!!! There have been times when I've wanted to share w/ my 12yr old, but I keep holding it in. I just bought our tickets to Mickeys Very Merry Christmas Parade & that was a moment I wanted to just spill the beans, but my husband discouraged. I'm so glad he did! I'm so glad I found this board because I have tons of questions, but I also have a place to vent my excitement!
    Previous Trips:
    DisneyLand: 1980, 1982, 2001
    WDW: 2011
    DCL (Disney Dream): 2012

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