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Thread: Love or Hate Old Key West?

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    Another OKW home resort owner here, and lover. We love the size of the resort and the warmth of the CMs. We don't dine there, so aren't bothered by the counter service, or Olivia's. (Olivia's is an ok restaurant, not gourmet by any means but serviceable).

    It's the original Vacation Club so most who stayed there cooked! LOL. We still do, so love the full size amenities in all but the studios.

    We have not had a problem with transport. I know there are many who complain, but we simply through all the years (bought in 1996) have not had a bit of an issue. Now, when we stayed at BC, BWV, ect THAT was a problem. Those buses go to more than one resort and whew! It's a madhouse.

    OKW has a lovely walkway to DTD, as well as the ferry (which is considered entertainment and not true transport). The internal bus system is fine, but we love to walk so don't bother with it, ever.

    It's fun to rent a bicycle there too and ride it throughout the resort and to DTD (but not "in" DTD, you park the bike at the very edge of the West Side).

    OKW is beautifully landscaped (well, what golf course isn't? LOL) and has loads of wonderful birds, and rabbits! Oh yes, and the peepers. (Frogs).

    We love the fact that if you drive, you park outside your resort and not miles away in some forsaken parking lot!

    We enjoy all the DVC resorts, but OKW is and will always be our favorite DVC.

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    Just wanted to update anyone looking into staying at Old Key West. it was amazing! the 2 bedroom suite was gigantic and SO beautiful. we checked in and the cast mate was amazing. we went to an un birthday party on our last day and made crafts and souveniers in their activity room. the only complaint was the horrible bus service. the worst was when we were coming back from downtown disney and waited over an hour for a bus while other resorts, and value resorts at that!, got picked up several times. not that there's anything wrong with the value resorts, but i feel like if you're paying for a deluxe resort, it isn't very enjoyable to wait so long for a bus. the trade off though, was well worth it. we will most definitely stay there again, but next time we may rent a car. enjoy!

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    As others have said OKW is a lovely resort for sure.
    It is also our home DVC resort from when we became members in 1992 and we have stayed there on several occasions.
    I wouldn`t worry too much about the bad reviews you have read as some folks will moan about absolutely anything!

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    The place looks really nice (from a visit there - never stayed there). Seems laid back. We really like Olivia's!

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