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Thread: understanding tipping?

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    Sorry, I ve read all the posts about tipping but Im still not sure.

    ok $1 a drink at the bar? sounds a lot, 10% at buffets? 18% everywhere else unless very bad or very good?

    What about small things like the people at the front call us a taxi and hold the door open when we get in?

    it just seems like its easiest to offer a few dollars to everyone but were on a budget and it will add up

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    It does get out of hand.

    Strictly speaking, tip the server, the barkeep, and the cab driver.

    If someone carries your luggage for you, that's a tip. But common courtesy is not necessary to tip.

    I hate tipping, can you tell!

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    It does all seem quite daunting, doesn't it. Remember that it's all personal choice and if you are on a tight budget tip what you can afford. :p015:
    Just use the info as a general rule, not a hard and fast one. :thumbs_up:

    Quote Originally Posted by eeyoreguy, post: 23259

    What about small things like the people at the front call us a taxi and hold the door open when we get in?

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    I hate tipping with a passion. However, to compensate for the fact that I hate it, I tend to overtip :rolleyes008:

    I tend to tip in the 20% range when at a restaurant. I don't typically go to buffets but I tip the same there.

    Valets $1-2 when I pick up the car. I don't tip when dropping off

    Bellmen- Usually $1 per bag

    Bartenders- don't tend to order directly from the bar much but usually $1

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    Tipping is a tough issue. Since I have an AP I also have the DDE card. This gets you a 20% discount in the restaurants and lounges but it also AUTOMATICALLY adds an 18% tip to your bill. I'll add more if the service warrants it, although recently my waiter would not let me add more as he said that the 18% was plenty. Never had a waiter refuse an additional tip like that. LOL

    However as Johnie says, if I'm paying cash then the Bartender normally gets about $1.00 per drink. I don't pay to valet park (free on the DDE) so I tip on both ends, the fellow/gal who parks the car and the one who retrieves it. Bellhops generally get $1.00/bag but be careful if you use curbside check-in here in the US as a lot of airlines are actually charging for that these days and that DOES NOT include the tip for the person who checks you in.

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