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Thread: what is there to do in the evening?

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    I was really surprised at the lack of things to do at disney during the evening. Sometimes the parks are mostly closed by 7 with epcot having another 2 hours perhaps.

    What is there now to do or must we go off site?

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    #1. Park closings depend on the time of year. The past couple times I've been to MK it's been open til 12 or 1am, DHS until 10 or 11pm, Epcot until 9pm and AK until 8 or 9pm.

    #2. If the parks are closed early, in the Moderate & Deluxe resorts there is usually a lounge or bar. In the Values, the cafeterias are open until midnight, I believe, and the pools remain open until 10 or 11pm. There is usually a bar out by the pool.

    #3. At the Boardwalk resort there is Jellyroll's. Never been but think it's a piano bar. You may have to take a taxi or take the bus to DTD and transfer.

    #4. Downtown Disney is open later. I'm not sure what they have nowadays as far as clubs but there is Raglan Road which has a bar and entertainment. There is also a movie theater, Disney Quest (not sure the hours), House of Blues, and Cirque De Soleil - La Nuba.

    #5. You can take a cab over to Universal City Walk or downtown Orlando for some nightlife.

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    Or... on the nights that he's performing, hop on over to Port Orleans Riverside and catch Yehaa Bob in the River Roost Lounge!

    That's always a fun evening!

    Tom (... Bob Jackson fan!)

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    Places i usually go -downtown disney for street performers
    BOARDWALK-jelly rolls also street entertainment
    POR--PIANO BOB is a good night
    POFQ CATTZ CLUB good jazz
    Also go out for a good meal

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    You could plan to be in whichever Park has the Extra Magic Hours in the evening.

    We start early so are usually too shattered to stay out late.
    If we do stay out we go to DTD or have a meal and a stroll around our resort.

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