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Nice! Where will that resort be located?

We many have 10 going lol
It's the abandoned half of Pop Century. They decided to go with a different theme. It's supposed to open summer 2012. It's also supposed to be more expensive than the other values.

The 864 rooms planned within The Little Mermaid buildings will be sea-inspired with an eye towards value.

The Lion King, Cars and Finding Nemo buildings are planned to exclusively feature family suites which accommodate up to six guests. The concepts show a total of 1,120 family suites—all arranged for added space and comfort.

The concept for these family suites include:

•2 separate bathrooms
•A master bedroom
•3 separate sleeping areas within the living space, which includes an "Inovabed"—an impressive piece of furniture that transforms from a generously sized dining or work table to a comfortable bed in seconds.