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Thread: Shhhh can you keep a secret?

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    I'm sure I can figure out a way. When I did it last time we booked with a US agent and she sorted everything for me, she was wonderful. However, if free dining is offered for our dates we'll be booking with Disney UK, so not sure how I'm going to get around that.... However, I do tend to sort the finances in the house so I may be ok! It's just sooooo frustrating waiting around for things to be released

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    Sounds sooo nice Vikki! HOw many days are you staying at each place?
    xxoo Rosie

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    Crikey, plans have changed again now! Anthony is sooo fickle

    So now we are going for 14 nights at POR (if free dining comes out, POP if it doesn't). The 7 nights at Contemporary (MK view), we think, still not too sure on which deluxe yet. Reason for that is that WL concierege doesn't have any availability for our dates, so we thought instead of going to ALK and WL we'd put it together and go to a different deluxe for a bit longer. Now I have the problem of, if we do book the Contemporary do I just leave it at the MK view we book our try and secretly upgrade....which I think would really cost a fortune for 7 nights!


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