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Thread: disneyworld/orlando weather in december?

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    Whats the weather like in Disney in December please? how should we dress? Im guessing cold but whats cold in orlando?

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    I would plan for layering. The weather can be quite warm during the day and then cool down considerably at night or it could be quite chilly all day. How late in December do you plan on going?

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    As John said really, use layers.

    We've been when it was warm and but sometimes you needed a light coat or sweater for the evening and another time it was very cold - it felt like we were back in the UK we actually went out and bought some warm coats!

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    We've been when it's in the low 90s (and I had to purchase shorts) and then we've been when it's SNOWED!!!! Yes, actually snowed. It didn't last, of course but did float down from the sky. Jack Frost will visit from time to time too and ruin all the bedding plants.

    Be sure to have some gloves with you, and if your ears are sensitive a cap to pull down or earmuffs, something like that. Bring at least one heavy something or other, jacket, sweatshirt, fleece...

    One pair of trousers and one long sleeved shirt too.

    But by all means, DON'T forget the bathing suit!

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