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Im glad you are all as lost as I am sometimes. You know I feel comfortable here otherwise my post count wouldnt be as high as it is! I do love some of your witty comments - they make me laugh. When Im a little less shy I'll try a few comebacks and being cheeky too. I hold back from posting sometimes only because I feel I dont know everyone yet. Im sure I will soon. I have been on the forum half the day uploading photos, so no work has been done. :p015: Anyway, Im off to WDW in 11 days time for 17 days so you wont stop me talking when I come back.


Glad you feel comfortable here, Mags. Like you, I didn't post as frequently as many on the other board, so frequently had no clue what was going on. However, I have been known to ask when I'm completely confused!

Several people have been fortunate to meet in real life and form friendships that way. I've been fortunate to meet several memebers at WDW over the past few years--and Johnie let Leu (my BFF and travel buddy) and I crash her grand gathering one year! That's friendship!

Most of us are virtual friends and always welcome new friends in our circle. :)