Now, I have to say from the outset that I am the most technologically challenged person in the whole world. I mean I am so bad I even have to gather the kids around me to sort out the simplest of problems. The on and off buttons I understand, but it doesnt go much further. :shocked025:
Well, yesterday my new Lumix camera arrived and I am doing what my late hubby always told me to do (RTFM :p015:). I just love the camera and all its fuctions. It is so easy to operate and the pics are super sharp. So far it seems to be idiot proof and I am loving taking night pics, portraits, short movies etc.
At last a camera has been made for idiots and this idiot is loving it! :tongue0011-1: Maybe this year I will even be able to take firework pictures that arent blurred.:surprised010: Imagine that! Anyone else got this little beauty.