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Thread: Photos of the new Disney Store in Oxford Street

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    We popped up to the new store on the official opening day - May 28th 2011.
    Wish we could have been there in the morning as Mickey and Minnie were there. It's one of the new interactive stores and it is very well done, it feels like Disney if that makes sense!

    Some photos, they are not the greatest shots as it was pretty crowded but they give you an idea.

    Store front

    Stairway inside entrance

    Trees that have moving projected images from films on them, they are fab in real life!


    Giant jewelled Mickey

    DVD Display


    DD and Mickey

    Disney quotes on the walls



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    Wow, thank you Lisa

    It looks brilliant, much better than the old store.

    Hopefully the new store will be open at the Florida Mall otherwise I will need a trip to London

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    It looks really good, is it as close to the world of disney shop as you are gonna get without being there? thank you for taking the time to take some photos!

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