I suppose it had to happen but Disney have announed that their ticket prices will increase from tomorrow Sunday 12th June!

Disney announced on Friday that it is raising ticket prices by more than 10 percent in at least one case - it is the resort's second round of price increases in less than a year.

Effective Sunday, the base price of a one day ticket will rise from $82 to $85 before tax, an increase of 3.7 percent.

Prices will rise more steeply on longer term passes.

The price of a five day ticket (one of Disney World's best-selling ticket options) will jump 5.9 percent, from $237 to $251.

The price of a seven day pass will jump 8.1 percent to $267. A 10-day pass will soar 11.1 percent to $291.

In addition, the price of adding a "park hopper" feature to a pass allowing visits to multiple Disney theme parks in a single day will increase from $54 to $55 for all multi-day ticket options. The feature will cost an extra $35 for a single day ticket.

Annual-pass prices will rise between 2 percent and 4 percent, depending on the type of pass.

A Disney spokesman defended the price increases, which come as the resort continues trying to wean travelers off the steep discounts it used to keep its parks full during the recession. Disney last raised ticket prices in August 2010, when for the first time it boosted the price of a base ticket above $80.

"Our research tells us that nearly all of our guests agree that a Disney theme park experience is a strong value," spokesman Bryan Malenius said.

Disney's move could trigger a round of price increases at SeaWorld and Universal Orlando, as the parks have historically raised prices in concert. A spokesman for SeaWorld Orlando said Friday the park had no plans to raise prices at this time. A spokeswoman for Universal Orlando said the resort doesn't discuss pricing strategy.

A full list of Disney ticket-price increases:
  • 1-day: $82 to $85 (+3.7 percent)
  • 2-day: $162 to $168 (+3.7 percent)
  • 3-day: $224 to 232 (+3.6 percent)
  • 4-day: $232 to $243 (+4.7 percent)
  • 5-day: $237 to $251 (+5.9 percent)
  • 6-day: $242 to 259 (+7 percent)
  • 7-day: $247 to 267 (+8.1 percent)
  • 10-day: $262 to $291 (+11.1 percent)

Park hopper or water park admission added to a multi-day pass: $54 to $55 (+1.9 percent)

Annual Pass price increases:

  • Premium (incl. water parks, etc.), non-resident: $629 to $649 (+3.2%)
  • Regular, non-resident: $499 to $519 (+4%)
  • Premium, Florida resident: $499 to $509 (+2%)
  • Regular, Florida resident: $379 to $389 (+2.6%)
  • Seasonal, Florida resident: $259 to $269 (+3.9%)