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Thread: How far from Disney area is Busch Gardens?

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    Anyone know how far from Disney the Busch Gardens area is by car? I think there's a bus as well? Would it be better to drive to try and get that bus?

    Is there enough at Busch for a whole day?

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    It's roughly an hour, maybe an hour thirty from Central FL. If you have a car then do drive. It's an easy enough drive as long as you time it to beat the rush hour traffic.

    The bus (although I've not taken it) is reported to be very good too, and then you don't have to deal with traffic. (Traffic in the Tampa area can be fierce).

    Most people find enough to do for a full day.

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    I would drive, but avoid the rush hour traffic times, both coming and going. Leave a little later in the morning and then stay well after rush hour in the evening.

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    when we went in 2000 we stayed all day defo enough for that, but since then more attractions and rides have been built, so even more to do now

    drive was easy enough took around 1h.15m - 1h.30m

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    From Davenport, we take a full hour. So, I'd say about 75 minutes from Disney.
    We love BG and it may actually be our fave park - definately DH's fave.
    If you take the bus, you have to leave at a set time which would put me off.
    Definately enough for a full day if you like animals as well as the rides. If you're going for the rides only then half a day would be ok.

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    I took the bus this year left at 9-30 and returned after park closed at 6pm. There is plenty for a day at BUSH GARDENS Enjoyed the return watched a video on the bus

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