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Thread: Oh, Baby! 5 Impala Calfs born at Busch Gardens, Tampa

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    Five Impala calves have been born over the past few weeks including two females and three males. This brings the Busch Garden's total herd to fifteen animals!


    Typically calves are between 10-12 pounds at birth and are up running with the herd within an hour after birth. One of the fastest land mammals, Impala can reach speeds of 55 mph, leap vertical distances of 40 feet and can jump 10 feet in the air.


    These little guys canít quite reach these stats right after birth, so mothers hide them in tall grasses. For this reason, keepers have to keep a watchful eye for Impala calves on their 38 acre veldt. Itís a bit of hide and seek, but a wonderful surprise and addition to the Busch Gardens animal collection.

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    Wow, five babies at once. Would love to be able to see them.

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