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Thread: Is it possible to walk around Orlando?

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    Question, is it possible to walk around orlando? I've heard that there are few walkways and that sometimes they just take you to the middle of nowhere and then stop?

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    Do you mean Downtown Orlando or just Orlando in general?

    If you mean the city then it's a normal built up city so you could walk around.

    But if you mean general off site places then no, it's not a place for walking and yes pavements ( if you can call them that) do often lead nowhere or just stop in random places.


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    Keep in mind that the greater Orlando area is HUGE. Where would you like to walk? Some places are not safe.

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    we tried last time and got nowhere other than scared

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    you can in certain places, but to be honest orlando is not built for walking round, its huge, some places not safe as you soon get out of the builtup areas and you notice the difference straight away. me personally think its best to hire a car

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    Only place ive ever walked around is international drive!

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