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Thread: anyone been to discovery cove?

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    Has anyone been to discovery cove?

    Im wondering if theres a trip report or something I can read to find out what goes on and how much there is to do. It's not cheap

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    I can do a trip report in September is that too late?

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    We've been but no trip report.

    Most people absolutely love it. I thought it was ok. Food was nice but you are only in with the dolphins for about 20 mins and the water is very cold ( obviously it has to be for the dolphins) and you can't video or take photo's as they sell those to you.

    You can then go in with rays and fish which is lovely.

    I don't want to be negative but if I had my time again I would go swim with the dolphins in their natural setting maybe in Clearwater or off one of the beach resorts ( they have tours for this)


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    We did it in 2005, i bought it as a wedding gift for dh (if id told him i wanted to do it he wouldve said no its too much money!)! It was a lovely day, swim with the dolphins was short but memorable. The other pools were nice too, swimming with the rays and floating around in the other pool. Food was pretty standard then, think i just had chicken strips and fries. Erm, not sure what else to say really - it was a lovely day, got some lovely memories but not sure if i would do it again

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    well i would love to have a go but it just seems too much money i have looked at other trips like florida keys and they do return coach travel 1 night accom and a day split up with dolphin swim and airboat ride which works out the same as dc. [or there about] i think i would prefer to do that

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    It's the no photos/video which kills it for me. With all that money I want to be able to take my own and not be at the mercy of their own photography & prices.

    We took a wonderful tour with gatortours a few years back. They took us up through the everglades and on a yacht in naples where we saw dolphins. Truly brilliant and I think they now do dolphin experience tours in a couple of different locations
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