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Thread: How many megapixels does a decent camcorder have?

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    How many megapixels does a decent camcorder have these days? do I go for a hard disk, memory cards, tape?

    I'm really lost

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    it really varies on your budget

    on the sony range

    the SD card range 800k
    essential HD, starts at 3.1 up to 4mp
    prestige HD 7.1 up to 12mp
    the same for the semi pro range

    prices are from 250 to 1300

    im still very happy with my sony mini dv camcorder

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    I have a very compact hd recorder (size of a chunky mobile phone) the kodak zx3 which has 5mp and is waterproof up to 10m (I think!) and it was 85. While not a camcorder and having all the features I think it's great value for money and great for capturing holidays without having to carry a bigger bag around.

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